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  Welcome to Wild Egg, a very small (but high quality!) publishing company run by N J Wildberger, specializing in well produced, long lasting, ground-breaking mathematical books. About us.



Wild Egg Books is pleased to offer the important book

DIVINE PROPORTIONS: Rational Trigonometry to Universal Geometry by N J Wildberger

ISBN: 0-9757492-0-X

Special offer available here for just $49.95 (AUS) plus shipping

[During July 2012 the Australian dollar was worth about $1.02 (US) and about 0.83 euros.]

Find out more about Divine Proportions

Pdf flyer for book

Authors corner: FAQ, Errata and other stuff


Canadian mail-out center

We have a Canadian mail-out center, which means orders to US and Canadian addresses can proceed more quickly. You can expect delivery in under two weeks if you live in these countries. That is also why we can charge less for delivery to those countries.

Quality and Value

Wild Egg books will be long-lasting, high quality books. We plan on using 100% acid-free paper, excellent binding and attractive strong covers. As for content, Wild Egg books will strive to be

  • ground-breaking and interesting
  • clearly written
  • aimed at a wide audience (undergraduate math majors and above).

Our authors will be excellent expositors and leaders in their field. We will publish only books which are likely to be in the top 10% of their field. We do not plan on publishing a lot of books. Once I am retired, I hope to add more titles!!

Wild Egg books will be competitively priced, and available over the internet at this site (wildegg.com).